Black Thugs BRUTALLY Attacked Army Veteran in Charlotte As he BEGGED For Mercy! WATCH!

David Palmer was just an ordinary Army Veteran minding his own business, walking home from having dinner with his sister on the night of the Charlotte protests. That’s when things went painfully wrong.

David Palmer was ambushed by a group of black thugs who brutally attacked the Army Veteran in Charlotte as he begged for mercy.

He was attacked by racist black guys because he was white. Because he was a different color. Because he had so much white privilege that he could go to dinner with his sister. You know, not because he was a working man who served his country. Getting a job and being a productive part of a community doesn’t mean anything to the welfare bums in Black Lives Matter.


Watch the sad and disturbing video as grown adults act like prehistoric subhuman filth while the gang banger losers brutally attack the Army Veteran because he looked like someone who goes to work and pays taxes, rather than leeching off the milk teets of the taxpayer system.

Popular Military – The attack occurred during the week of protests that erupted after an African-American police officer fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott, an African-American.

According to Palmers’s sister, Ashley, he had been out of the Army for less than a year and was working at a bar to make money before starting school in the spring.

Palmer was walking down 4th st -near the Epicentre parking deck- after leaving dinner at the Blackfinn with his sister, at around 8:45 p.m when the attack occurred.  His sister parted ways with him after dinner but reports the men ambushed Palmer from a concealed position behind a construction site.

As the began to beat him they reportedly shouted, “You’re in the danger zone white boy.”

This certainly is not the danger zone. This is the stupid zone.

This is nothing compared to what a typical Army Veteran may have seen overseas where the real soldiers are.

These black lives matter thugs are nothing but b*tches and wimps who can’t fight a person one on one. Everything is a gang mentality jumping like they’re initiating someone into their gang of village idiots. What is this, the unemployment line? Get the f*ck out of here!


If I was black, then I would start a gang for men who like to work, own homes, have a car that’s worth more than the speakers in it, and pay towards a pension.

Maybe some of the hood-rats will figure that out so we can start making something better out of our broken ghetto communities.

They’re filled with hood-rats, but only they have the power to change.

Here’s a challenge for black lives matter thugs:

Stop attacking people and start completing job applications.

Maybe you’ll be a real man one day.

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