THIS IS RACISM: Black Thugs Brutally Murder White Teen In Dallas… MEDIA SILENT

A young man named Chaz Gilley was murdered in Fort Worth, Texas and now police are investigating his death and seeking the person responsible for his fatal shooting recently. The first suspect is James E. Murphy who was arrested and charged with capital murder which is a felony this past Tuesday. On Thursday police officers sent out a news release about a second person of interest.

The young man was from Joshua and he was an 18 year old riding his bike home when a car hit him and then the people in it shot him several time. One day later he died. Police say that the suspects are connected to the east and south side of Fort Worth and have asked anyone with information to contact the police immediately.

The firs suspect is an African American man in a $400,000 bond that is currently in the Mansfield jail. He was also held on a charged of aggravated robbery but it is an unrelated charge. The victims mother said her son was targeted when he went to the bank to cash his first paycheck from Goodwill and open an account. So sad considering he was just starting out in life and appeared to be an upright man from the details the mother revealed.

Chesala Sanderson who is the victims mother told reporters is about the perpetrators,

“I was praying for this. I want these people off the streets so they can’t take the lives of someone else’s family member. They haven’t destroyed us. They’ve make us stronger, but our family will never be the same without my son.”

The man in jail suspected of his murder had a previous 2007 capital murder charge over the death of a sixteen year old teenager. Murphy, the murderer, was identified by his voice but the victim and his mother. The case was however dismissed due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Buf it appears he has a violent streak making him even more plausible as the person responsible for this mans death.  The death of a young person is always he hardest. What they should have done the first time around is lock up the animal and throw away the key. But this time make sure it sticks.

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