Feral Black Thugs Yelling Racial Slurs Have SICK Plan For Lone White Girl At Shopping Mall

Women in Aurora, Colorado feel frightened and angry after a violent sexually assault happened to a 23-year-old woman outside of a shopping center. Aurora police are investigating the attack and believe that it was a racially-motivated crime. The attack happened Friday morning at the Misson Viejo Plaza shopping center near Hampden Avenue and Chambers Road. Residents are uneasy about their safety and the safety of other women.

“Yeah it’s really scary,” Claire Miller told reporters. In an interview with CBS 4’s Tom Mustin Miller expresses her fears after news of the attack. “You feel less safe. You feel worried for your family. I have daughters that are 18 and 21, so same for them. It makes us all feel vulnerable,” Miller told Tom Mustin. As the search for two violent criminals intensifies, Claire Miller hopes the attackers are captured and severely punished. “As much as humanly possible, I hope that they get them”. Claire doesn’t want these thugs to walk free to hurt another woman.

Investigators are searching for two African-American men who are responsible for sexually assaulting the white 23-year-old woman outside the shopping center. Police say the victim didn’t know the attackers. The Victim told police that during the brutal assault the men yelled racial slurs at the woman before she was able to flee from her attackers. Aurora police could not comment on whether they are going to classify the attack as Bias-related. Detectives are canvassing the area for clues and evidence that might help them find the attacks but have come up empty. Although the shopping center has surveillance camera’s the police were not able to identify the attackers from the video. At this time police have no leads and no suspects.

Mirna Ontiveros who works at the shopping told reported Tim Mustin how she feels hearing about the attack on the woman. “I’m afraid. I’m scared,” Mirna said.
Ontiveros was recently robbed at gunpoint in the same shopping center as the sexual assault. Ontiveros says that despite the surveillance cameras she’d like to see a stronger police presence. “I really hope they find them because we don’t feel safe. And I hope she’s okay and hopefully we’ll have more protection in the area,” Ontiveros said.

Aurora police say the 23-year-old victim is expected recover and be okay. Police will continue to search for the two African Americans suspects, but there is not much else to go on. If anyone has information about the attack or if you suspect you know someone who many have been involved in the sexual assault, detectives are urging you to call the Aurora police.

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