Black Trump Pastor Leads Epic Taunt to Black Lives Matter Thugs! (VIDEO)

Pastor Mark Burns spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio his week. He is a black evangelical televangelist. He led a crowd of about 5,900 Republican delegates at the event. He changed All Lives Matter in reference to the Black Lives Matter movement.

He said,

“I want to declare to the whole world and to the Republican Party that under Donald Trump, and under a Donald Trump administration, all lives matter! All lives! All lives! All lives! All lives!”

While slightly overzealous his excited demeanor was clear. He completely jazzed up the crowd.

He went on,

“And that means black lives. White lives. Hispanic lives. Asian lives. Christian lives. Muslim lives. Shout with me! ALL LIVES MATTER! All lives matter! All lives matter! All lives matter!'”

Burns has attended dozens of Trumo rallies throughout the campaign. He previously led the Harvest Praise & Worship Center located in Easley, South Carolina. He turned some democratic heads when he said,

Our enemy is not other Republicans, but is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.”

If that bothers the liberals then no doubt his All Lives Matter chanting will rub them the wrong way too.

His taunts and chants continued,

“We will rise from the ashes, we will never die. We will only strive. And do you know why? Because we are the United States of America. And despite he color you were born here in America the only colors that matter here are the red, white, and blue. Trump, trump, trump, trump, trump.”

The crowd took to him well and reacted kindly, they clearly liked him very much. On most media outlets the RNC delegates can be seen chanting, dancing, and having an amazing time. For which they were castigated and lambasted for in the liberal media. Not surprising whatsoever in the least bit.


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