Black Trump Supporter Just Exposed SICK Thing He Saw Muslims Doing In His Town—Has BRUTAL Message For Liberals

Ever since President Trump announced his temporary ban on migrants, heated debates on both sides of the aisle continues to ensue. Liberals will assert that the president’s ban is “racist” while those on the right point out that it’s just a common sense plan to keep our country safe. Now one black Trump supporter is speaking his mind about Trump’s ban and Muslims in America, dropping a truth bomb on liberals that has them absolutely furious.

If you haven’t heard of Henry Davis yet, you’re seriously missing out. This outspoken Trump supporter is everything the left despises because he stands up for Conservative values, and because he is black, liberals can’t use their favorite tactic of simply labeling him a racist.

Davis recently saw something disturbing taking place in Dearborn, Michigan, that he wants to expose immediately. As we all know, this city is crawling with Muslims, as it’s been completely transformed into a mini-Baghdad in recent years. As these American-hating vermin drive around in their tax-funded flashy SUV’s and buy groceries with food stamps, their behavior towards Americans is absolutely vile, as they shun anyone who isn’t a member of their barbaric cult. Completely outraged at what he witness several days ago in Dearborn, Davis decided to make a video to blast liberals with the unfiltered truth about why we need Trump’s ban, in a rant you’re absolutely going to love.


Hell yeah… this guy is awesome! Couldn’t have put it better myself. Let’s help Davis’ message go viral and see how many liberals we can piss off! God bless those people willing to put their faces and voices out there and expose the truth that the media refuses to touch! We need Trump’s ban and we need it now!!!

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