Black Trump Supporter GOES OFF At Town Hall Meeting, Tells Immigrants Exactly Where To STICK IT!

A Trump supporter at a Town Hall meeting spoke her mind about illegal immigrants. What she said is 100% correct!

She talked about her community being destroyed by racist illegal immigrants. Then she spoke about how when her people commit crimes, they’re in jail – yet when an illegal immigrant commits a crime in a sanctuary city, they get amnesty.

She talks about sanctuary cities basically being a detrimental drain on the real citizens who live there.

She mentions how people somehow claim people in Mexico and she must be talking about medical benefits, as she states she couldn’t cover her family members, who are USA citizens, and she had to move to fix her situation.

She mentions a really good point about taxes. Illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes. Our taxes pay for illegal immigrants abusing welfare and their public services.

Not fair, right?

Let’s watch this awesome Trump supporter tell the truth at her Town Hall meeting.

Trump Supporter: “When my people do a crime, it’s three strikes you’re out. When you do it, you get amnesty!… Sanctuary cities are racist!… Again the black community has literally been destroyed by racist illegal immigration and we’re not going to have it. When my people do a crime they get three strikes. When your people do a crime they get amnesty, they get benefits and they’re not paying taxes… But it’s over. It’s over. Thank God for Trump…. You should be ashamed of yourself! How dare you!”

Hats off to her. She hit the nail on the head, knocking her point deep with ONE TRY. All it took was a mic and her voice. She made all the same points about the way a lot of us feel about illegal immigration.

This picture here speaks volumes as well. No one in America is against immigrants. Just the illegals who we pay for with our taxes. We want them to pay their share and be citizens just like us. Stop hiding illegal alien CRIMINALS in sanctuary cities. And don’t use our tax dollars to help them live.

Too much to ask?

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