Sharpton Missing After Black Thugs Torture White Guy, But PISSED OFF People Found Him!

Americans all over the country are outraged over the Facebook Live stream that showed four young African Americans beating, torturing, and kidnapping a mentally disabled eighteen year old young white man. Now they are being held without bond or bail after being denied it. The Cook County State Attorney’s office are charging them with felony hate crime charges and aggravated assault.

President Obama, the liberal mainstream media, and race baiters like George Soros, Michael Moore, and most importantly Al Sharpton have remained largely silent. However, two famous African American female Donald Trump supporters, Diamond and Silk, have taken to Twitter to ask why all these liberals who preach about the oppression of African Americans are silent over such a heinous criminal act.

Ironically, in a Facebook Live feed they argued that had the ethnicity of the assailant been reversed, if it had been white people torturing and kidnapping black people then the entire world would be hearing about this. They said,

“I would have loved to see these organizations … and these different men, come out and speak out against any hatred, no matter what color.”

They tweeted the following,

Apparently for Democrat’s hate crimes only count when they happen against black people. When black teenagers savagely beat and torture a mentally handicapped young man it is just them being teenagers and not being raised right. But when Black Lives Matter rioters destroy cities and burn down buildings it is simply them speaking out against an oppressive regime.

Of course if you support Donald Trump than you are nothing more than a bigoted, homophobic, anti-women, white supremacist. The double standard is alive and well and running rampant. Just ask the young man who was barbarically attacked. They should lock these kids up and throw away the key.

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