Black Woman GOES Off The Hinges On Reporter About Being Black…Ignore Obvious Problem (VIDEO)

I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would ever hook up with this girl. She has a really round head, extremely loud mouth, and she can’t speak without screaming.

This lunatic crazy lady is being interviewed about the Charlotte protests and all the looting/stealing/attacks going on and all she goes off the hinges. This door fell off the wall a long time ago.

I bet her teachers hate her. Her parents hate her. I already hate her. And her only friend is herself when she screams in the mirror about how big and beautiful she is.


She’s yapping about being black and getting shot. If she was shot, it would most likely be by another black person. Not a cop or a white person. Statistically speaking, black on black murder is the top reason black people die. You’d think it was from playing Drake so loud their eardrums exploded their brain. Nah, the black community in violent towns like Obama’s Chicago shoot each other up all day and night. They have gone buck wild and crazy

This lady speaks about fabricating a story. No one can possibly fabricate anything she says. She’s live on video saying it. Most cops who shoot someone do so because the criminal fails to disarm themselves when brandishing a weapon. Look at that dummy Korryn Gaines who pointed a gun at cops and even held her own kid hostage in front of the gun. She got shot. She kinda deserved it too. Who is that selfish that they’ll put their OWN kid in the middle of a potential shootout? Those kids will find a new mom who loves them instead of putting them in front of a bullet.

Let’s watch the crazy lady yapping off at that large mouth of hers.


And let’s look at some of her notable quotes and quotes from the source.

“Black people get shot every day, right?” the woman shouted, getting into the reporter’s face. “It’s okay for that, right?!”

They get shot mostly by other black people. If that’s not okay, then talk to your people and tell them to stop shooting each other.

When Harriman noted that he’d heard gunshots during the demonstration and wondered if the woman might be safer if she were off the streets, she shouted that it didn’t much matter where she was, that she “could still get shot by the police!”

If you have a gun and don’t put it down, then yes you will get shot by the police. Most people who get shot by cops are people who don’t comply to direct orders or who brandish a weapon and put people in danger. 99.9% of people shot by cops deserve it.

When he asked her about the second shooting that night she said, “You want video so you can put it on their news, right?”

Yes. Exactly.

“That’s what you’re trying to find out,” She shouted. “If we have a video [of the second shooting that evening] so that you can elaborate and make a f**king fabricated story.” about the events of that evening

How is it a fabricated story if there’s a shootout during a protest? That doesn’t even make sense. I can’t imagine this woman stayed in school very long.

How many kids get killed by black on black crime on a daily basis and there’s no riots or outbursts for them? Why don’t black people go crazy when an innocent 9-year-old is accidentally shot in a drive-by? If there’s a reason to speak out against violence, then nothing is more precious than kids and they certainly don’t deserve to be victims of adult bullsh*t.

If there’s a black life that matters, isn’t it that of a child? Or kids don’t matter unless killed by a cop?

I think I found the perfect video for this pig faced woman and the entire Black Lives Matter cult of racist terrorists:

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