Educated Black Woman SLAMS Michelle Obama, Compares Her To Plantation Driver (VIDEO)

It doesn’t matter who’s on the ballot, just vote democrat! This is what triggered a really smart Mother to record a home video and post it to Facebook, SLAMMING Michelle Obama, comparing her vote ownership to the slave trade that Republicans already got rid of once.

This awesome and intelligent mother compares Michelle Obama to a white slave master who tells the chained up humans what to do and how to act. What’s next, this lady picks cotton and shines Michelle’s roach killer shoes? Give me a break lady!

You cannot tell black democrats that it doesn’t matter what’s on the ballot and to just vote democrat no matter what, when the party doesn’t do anything to help black people.

Here’s a strong woman who puts Michelle Obama in her place. (a dumpster?)

DML – she expresses how excited she is to vote.   She goes on to say she is not voting Democrat. “I am no longer a slave,” nobody tells me how to vote.  She uses that statement as a basis to rip into Michelle Obama for demanding she vote for Democrat.

What have democrats done for you lately? More specifically, what have the democrats done for black people? Nothing. the democrats think black people are all poor people with no education who will accept a freebie Obama phone at the drop of a dime. That’s not true. Black folks are not all poor or uneducated, but the liberals and leftists keep holding them down and do nothing to further their education, job opportunities, nor improving home life.

But they fought for minimum wage increase. No. Stop. Working at McDonald’s in your 30’s for $15 an hour is not a career. That’s lousy.

The democrats keep the poor people poor so they can trick them into votes with a few tricky handouts. Here’s your free tracphone! How many minutes you have on that Cricket wireless? Holla!

That’s not called getting out of the ghetto.

Hillary, Obama, Michelle – they specifically target lower income African Americans in hopes that they can give hope for a real change. What they need are jobs and community programs to help provide support and transition from welfare to work. But Michelle Obama didn’t do anything but give kids the worst free school lunch in history.

Hillary hasn’t done anything for the black community, rich or poor. Obama watches his hometown of Chicago murder each other at alarming rates on a daily basis.

Some of the most poor cities are ran by democrats. These are broken, third-world-looking cities,with a high number of low income African Americans ran into the ground by democrats.

What have the democrats done for you lately?

If you’re a leftist and you walk into the voting booth on November 8th, and pull the trigger on the ALL LEFT, then maybe you should pull it on yourself.

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