Black Woman Resists Arrest, BLM Claims Cop Was Racist And Overreacted… You Decide

I think I’ve figured out how to prevent Black Lives Matter from accumulating any more “martyrs.”

A classic scene from Liar Liar comes to mind. A disgruntled Jim Carey walks into the office, his secretary holding the phone. She tells him that a client was caught robbing someone at an ATM at knife-point and needs his legal advice. Carey grabs the phone and yells “Stop breaking the law a**hole!

When it comes to not getting shot by police, it’s just that easy. Don’t resist arrest, or try to reach for your own gun or the officers. Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, and Korryn Gaines would be alive today had they followed that advice.

Now, another woman resisting arrest is claiming she was mistreated due to “racism” and not her own actions. I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Via Break

A routine traffic stop in Texas ended in the unusual arrest of a social worker, who was charged with resisting arrest despite claims that she did nothing wrong. The woman in question is 28-year-old Earledreka White.

White’s run-in with the unnamed Houston cop, which took place in March, apparently started when she was pulled over for crossing a double white line. As the clip begins, White can be seen dialing 911 to request that another officer arrive to the scene over fears for her safety.

“I didn’t cross the solid line,” White insists to the cop, before telling the emergency dispatcher: “I’m calling to report an offense. I was just pulled over by a police officer, he’s saying that I crossed a solid line and I did not. And he also, he also pulled me over and I got out of the car to ask him what the offense was, and he raised his voice at me and started to arrest me.”

Eventually, the cop grabs White’s arm to begin the arrest, but she twists out of his grasp and moves away. They struggle for over a minute as White frantically yells for help, telling the officer, “This is harassment!” before breaking into heavy sobs.

The encounter led to White spending two nights in jail and facing a charge of resisting arrest, which could lead to a six-month prison sentence. While the Metropolitan Transit Authority investigated and found that the cop acted properly, White’s lawyer begs to differ.

“I’m as pro-law-enforcement as they come, but that’s not good police conduct,” attorney Zack Fertitta said. “You can’t escalate a situation and then claim someone is ‘resisting arrest.’ That’s ridiculous.”

Here’s the video footage:

Hopefully it was worth getting arrested over refusal of a traffic ticket, though I bet it probably wasn’t.

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