Black Woman Wears Trump Hat Into Coffee Shop – Destroys Everyone In Debate (VIDEO)


Here’s a person who liberals didn’t think could possibly exist.

Those blasting Trump as “racist” (defined today as “someone who disagrees with a liberal”) need to attend one of his rallies. They’ll be shocked that it’s not packed with a bunch of old white men like they heard on MSNBC.

A video of a 16-year-old black Trump supporter schooling anti-Trump protestors went viral this week, and he’s not the only black Trump supporter wowing the internet.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

This was terrific!

Beautiful and intelligent “Melissa” wore her “Make America Great Again” hat into a local coffee shop and immediately sparked a political debate with the locals.

Melissa is a member of #Blacks4Trump.
She knows her stuff.

Watch Melissa handle her own:

As Melissa commented on her Twitter, Trump has been in the public spotlight for decades any nobody has accused the man of being racist until he ran for President as a Republican.

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