Black Women for Trump Catch a Sign Thief, And How They Did It Will MAKE YOUR DAY!!

Black girls love the D.

And by D, I mean Donald. What were you thinking?

Some brilliant ladies must have had trouble with people driving on their lawn to run over their Donald Trump signs. They conjured up some hilarious trap idea that would leave the vandals with a wicked payback.

Revenge is sweeter when it’s hilarious.

Take a look at the pictures and see the little trap they set for the moron leftist criminals.

trump-sign1 trump-sign11 trump-sign111 trump-sign1111

And like that, the tire is popped!

First, you put the Trump lawn sign out front. Then you watch them continuously get stolen or ran over.

So then you get tired of losing money spent on the signs, so you think of a way to prevent the creeps from stealing them or causing damage.

Let’s bash some long nails into the bottom of the sign and use them as a weight to hold the sign in place. Oops. Looks like the nails are sticking UP and it’s really hard to get them out.

Oh well.

Time to put the Trump signs out!

Since there’s nails in the signs, the gals hang out and watch as some idiot drives over the signs. Then those idiots are down the street wondering what that FLUB FLUB FLUB sound is.

Oh look! We have a flat!


Who got the last laugh? The Donald Trump sign did!

That’s what you get for being a vandal criminal who damages people’s property.

This reminds me….I don’t ever see Hillary Clinton signs on private property. I only see Donald Trump signs. I see them in the city and the suburbs. Only place I ever spot a Clinton sign is in the public areas where her lame campaign places them.

It really doesn’t seem like there’s any Hillary fans who are proud enough to post a sign on their home, but Trump has lots of public supporters.

Let’s get more Trump signs out there folks!

Hillary had trouble beating Bernie, so this should be a cake walk for Trump.

Get your signs and get to the voter polls on November 8.

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