BlackLivesMatter KNOCKED OUT! Boxing Legend G. Foreman SLAMS THEM [VIDEO]

The boxing legend himself, George Foreman, expressed his discontent with the Democratic National Convention this week on an explosive tirade against the Black Lives Matter movement.

He is showing that not everyone in the African American community blindly agrees with the the actions of the Black Lives Matter movement. He, along with many other celebrities and politicians, are stepping forward to defend and show their support to our law enforcement officials.

Foreman said to reporters what he would tell Black Lives Matter activists,

“You know the best thing that’s happened to me, and the best thing that’s happened to most everybody, to be honest with you as I’ve traveled the world, probably in the last 200 years, is the United States of America.

 Everybody is going to have to had an opportunity to search it out for themselves, and their conclusion is: if you love your country, you make it a better place. If you love it. It’s like every year, you’ve got to go out in the farm and cut hay and pack it away. There’s no one year fix it, and it’s going to be fixed forever. I fell in love with this country, and just think all things are possible.”

Very eloquent and patriotic words that couldn’t ring truer at a more perfect time when our country needs it. He admitted to having a love affair with the American flag.

His is speech can be seen on social media here,

It’s nice to know their are other African Americans who don’t necessarily approve of the Black Lives Matter tactics. We should all admire someone such as him whose perseverance, tenacity, drive, discipline, and honesty has no soft played a large role in leading to the successes he has created for himself. He’s a class act definitely to be admired.

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