BlackLivesMatter Leader Attacks Girlfriend for Refusing to Kill Her Unborn Baby

Black Lives Matter social activist Joseph Kyles was arrested for beating up his girlfriend and the reason is surprising. The police insicate she was choked. According to law enforcement officials his girlfriend was 13 weeks pregnant but Kyles wanted her to have an abortion and get rid of the child. However, the girlfriend flat or rejected that notion which made Kyles enraged.

Kyles is known as being a social organizer, some what similar to s community organizer, in the city for Black Lives Matter. The girlfriend indicated that he threatened her by using his “status” in the city. Is he Barack Obama? A small town community organizer has no “status.” That very notion is laughable.

Watch a video here about what happened,

Funny enough the the mantra of Kyles organization he supports is Black Lives Matter. Clearly the life of his black girlfriend did not mean much to him or the unborn life of his black babies did not matter. Apparently Black Lives Matter only when it suits him best.

One reporter said this when asked what started the assault,

An abortion. Police say Kyles wanted his girlfriend to get rid of her baby. But she said ‘uh-uh no way.”

The camera panned to a voice over,

Police say it all went down outside this apartment building. A woman choked, allegedly by political activist Joseph Kyles. But it’s what police say she didn’t do that drove Kyles to violence. The thirteen week pregnant woman refusing to have an abortion. Hospital staff recognized Kyles. They claimed he was overbearing and ballsy. Told officers he led her to believe he was untouchable because of his so called status in the city.”

A reporter was denied entrance to a Black Lives Matter meeting. He himself is African American. Despite being given a flyer for it. He said when speaking to some they were very tight lipped about the arrest warrant.

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