When BlackLivesMatter Said The France Terror Attack Stole Their Spotlight, AMERICA Knocked ‘Em Out!

Why do white people have to die at the most inconvenient times? Once again ‘white people’ are showing their ‘white privilege’ by being massacred by a terrorist in France as he ran over them with his truck. And once again white people in France are casting a shadow across what Black Lives Matter is all about. It’s NOT about white lives matter…. especially white lives in France. Really people just pull yourselves together and stop being distracted by unimportant deaths!!! <=sarcasm in case you didn't know it.

It seems that Black Lives Matter went CRAAAAZY on twitter when they started to feel neglected after hundreds of people were mowed down by a terrorist at an outdoor celebration. ISIS and BLM are now in competition of each other and things aren't gonna be pretty. (NOTE: BLM blames whites NOT ISIS but indirectly they are competing for the limelight)

Here are some of the extremely sensitive tweets:

Then enters the adults in the room…. and shamed those people who forgot their own humanity and shamed people for compassion for people murdered en-masse. What would YOU have tweeted?



That’s right… the driver was shot by the police and Black Lives Matter aren’t protesting… WHAT?!!?

H/T YesImRight

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