BlackLivesMatter Shuts Down Gay Pride Parade, Demands More Cash And Police Floats Removed

What do Liberals do when 2 of their biggest special interest groups collide? Well if you thought a gay parade was a circus, just wait until the Pride committee starts pissing off the even smaller interest groups (like Black Queer Youth etc.) within the larger interest group (Pride Toronto) and brings in an even more powerful interest group (Black Lives Matter). Yeah my head is spinning too.

So based on the letter BLM delivered to PTC, the not necessarily gay Black Lives Matter is upset with Gay Pride Committee in Toronto for NOT showing special attention to the gay groups of color. They practically accuse them of suffering from white privilege. And if there’s something I hate more than a white man with privilege it’s a gay white man with privilege. Why do the white gay men/women want to keep the black gay men/women down? That came out wrong. I meant… whitey why you got to be so oppressive. Let’s ALL just be gay together and pay special attention to our blackness at the same time and if you don’t have blackness yourself… just pay special attention to those who do. <=sarcasm

Black Live Matter take… uh… matters into their own hands to STOP the oppression of the Gay Committee! They organize a protest to the Pride Toronto Parade which means they're protesting someone else's Pride because it's just NOT the right color of pride. Understand?

The Black Lives Toronto even put out a LOOOOOOOOOOONG letter explaining why they were disrupting the festivities. HERE are some of the complaints from the letter they want resolved before next years Pride Toronto Festival:

*Pride has threatened the existence of Black spaces including the near EXTINCTION of Black Queer Youth stage. Lack of commitment and priority to the various spaces that represent diverse queer and trans communities.
(Because Gay Black interest groups are even MORE important than just a plain old gay interest group, duh!)
*A commitment to more black deaf & hearing ASL interpreters for the Festival.
(Because finding gay black deaf or hearing ASL interpreters has got to be easy)
*More cash for black events
(Because Black Queer Youth deserve more cash… more of YOUR cash)
*A complete removal of police floats from upcoming parades
(Because while they want the protection OF the police they believe police should be showing no pride in the parade… especially gay pride. No one like to see a gay policeman– except other gay policemen and they can just look in the mirror)

READ the FULL Letter… very entertaining. Not like the stupid plea for help Obama fundraising emails I get every 2 hours. I would NEVER in my life think to walk into someone’s house and start making demands like these

Here’s the full demand letter:

black lives demands

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