BlackLivesMatter Thugs Caught In Charlotte BRUTALLY Attacking Young White Girl Wearing A Dress (VIDEO)

As the riots and protests in Charlotte, North Carolina continue to increase and get worse young Caucasian women are being targeted and attacked by some Black Lives Matter thugs.

One young woman was wearing a dress and high heel shoes while trying to walk down a flight of stairs when a mob of African American Black Lives Matter bandits sucker punched her in the face.

In the background you can here an unidentified person screaming,

“hey…hey…hey… she didn’t do anything!”

These thugs are nothing more than caged animals. Literally beating a woman up who was doing nothing. Their was only one of her and several of them. Then, like the weaklings they are they ran away. The worst part is the person taking the video. Why would you not intervene to stop what is going on? Instead you video taped it and instead watched as the entire ordeal took place without trying to end the charade. That person is no better than the animals who beat that poor woman up. Lock them up and throw away the key.

But that did not stop these criminals from attacking an unarmed, defenseless woman who was minding her own business. Due to ongoing violence the National Guard has been called in and activated. As well, a midnight curfew has been established. Now the EpiCenter establishment has been shut down. Which is a direct result over safety concerns stemming from the violent riots and protests. The EpiCenter’s closure statement reads as follows,

“We are deeply saddened by the incidents unfolding in Charlotte. Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted. At EpiCenter the safety of our patrons and tenants is our utmost concern; therefor, we have closed the center and will share updates on our reopening plans as soon as they become available.”

Apparently the rioting now means if you are white you have a target on your back. Nobody is safe. It is as if the years of Jim Crowe have returned but this time it is in the reverse. Meanwhile Hollywood celebrities go around glorifying these protests and riots and condoning them. Even going so far as to promote Black Lives Matter. It’s shameful and disgusting. Now it is just criminal.

But nothing is going to be said or done about it that is for sure.

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