Blacks Don’t Care About Blacks- Black Guy Shot And Killed At ‘Stop The Violence’ Rally

Phillip Banks was shot dead in the head at a peace rally. He helped organize a “Stop the violence” beach party and was celebrating peace, but a bullet ripped through his 19-year-old head, putting him to sadly rest forever. Another bullet pierced a 12-year-old, but they will likely survive.

Phillip is a black man.

Phillip was killed by another black man.

Phillip did not have a rally, protest, looters, or anything.

Phillip’s life didn’t matter.

There’s no outrage against his murder because Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about him.

Why not? Phillip Banks seemed like an awesome person who cared about the well being of others. Black Lives Matter didn’t seem to care because it proved a point that we all know is true – black people kill black people more than anyone else does. However, that’s not the agenda of Black Lives Matter, therefore Phillip Banks is not important to them, even though he’s black and had a life.

Black Lives Matter only cares about the few times that a white cop shoots a black criminal. For some reason, all the losers in Black Lives Matter only care when a criminal thug who is NOT listening to police or who committed a crime or who FIGHTS with police officers gets shot.

Why shouldn’t that person get shot? If you reach for your gun or a cops gun, then the cop is going to shoot you. If you commit a crime, like robbery, then reach for a cops gun, then of course they’re going to shoot you.

Why don’t people understand that?

Let’s remember that REAL STATISTICS AND FACTS show that cops actually shoot more white people every year.

Looks like we need to begin a White Lives Matter brigade against police. Why don’t white people protest against police? Because white people don’t support criminals. If someone wants to do meth, drive into a pet store, and rip a dogs head off and they get shot by cops – that’s fine with me. I don’t care. Shoot them all you want. When you’re done shooting them, then let me shoot them too. I don’t care when a criminal gets shot.

I don’t care because I’m not a criminal. I go to work. I would care if someone at work got shot. But when a criminal gets shot because they WON’T COMPLY with police, then who cares? It’s their OWN fault.

Let’s revert back to poor Phillip Banks who was out doing something good, and his own people still shot and killed him. Since Phillip Banks died by the gun of another black man, the Black Lives Matter people simply don’t care.

phillip banks

DOWNTREND – Police of all races may kill 100 or so black people in a given year, but those are justified uses of force. Cops are attacked by violent armed suspects and have every right to defend their lives and protect the public. Even if every police officer was white (which they are not) and every police shooting was unjustified (which they are also not), 100 black lives lost pales in comparison to 10,000 black-on-black murders.

It’s bad enough that Black Lives Matter blames white people for all of the black-on-black violence in this country, but now the movement is being used as an excuse to kill white people and police officers. blacks kill each other indiscriminately and that somehow justifies the murder of white people.

If you can’t even hold a “stop the violence” rally without someone getting shot to death, the issue is internal.

Black Lives Matter is too much of a fraud to call out their own people.

How about they condemn the black on black crime and black abortion rates, then we can talk about what matters.

Start with your problems instead of making it seem like all these people shot by cops were innocent victims of police brutality.

You know what police brutality is to me? It’s when a stupid criminal doesn’t listen and treats the cop wrong.

Cops have authority. If your parents taught you well at home, then you know how to respect authority.

If you’re the product of bad parents, then here’s a lesson for you – all lives matter, listen to the police, and do the right thing.

People shouldn’t be getting shot at a peace rally.

It’s a shame that Phillip Banks’ life doesn’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

He’s black and dead, but they still don’t care.

That’s how I know BLM is a gimmick that no one takes seriously. They’re a group of embarrassments and protesters who won’t use their energy for something productive and peaceful.

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