BLACKS ONLY: Obama’s BLM Implements Segregation At Major University!

OH LOOK! Cal State LA woke up and thought it was the 1940’s again! Someone…please help them. They need a swift kick to the butt.

What is this? Isn’t it absolutely UNREAL!? Their ancestors fought long and hard to break the chains of segregation in the 1950’s and 1960’s …and for what? So their prosterity could grow up in a free country with all the benefits that come along with that, and then ask for segregation to be reinstated!?

Are you flipp’in kidding me right now!

Ladies and gentlemen, this right here…is complete MADNESS. On one hand you have this group of black Americans crying out about racism, and the anguish that it is causing them. Then the SAME group of black Americans make a list of demands and on that list, is a call for segregation.

Man… Obama’s America seriously sucks!

What Cal State La is doing is asinine.


But hey it’s OKAY…because BlackLivesMatter approves it.

I know exactly what you’re thinking…the stupid is strong with this breaking story. Yes, indeed it is.

Try telling the University that though. It is the Cal State LA’s ‘Black Student Union’ that started this nonsense about 9 months ago. The members met and put together a list of demands for the school to meet. They stated that on campus they have to deal with “racist attacks” that they absolutely cannot tolerate, and that the attacks are ‘racially insensitive remarks’ and ‘microagressions’.

Let’s stop right here for a moment. I’d like to give you a few examples of what microagressions are…





These are the brutal insensitive attacks they endure day in and day out. It is because of this they are demanding… a ‘Safe Place’. A place where only black students can go and be, to take refuge from words that hurt their feelings.

In other words: Segre-freaking-gation

They want segregation to keep them from the ‘mean words’ and as they put it, an opportunity for “Black CSLA students to congregate, connect and learn from each other.”

There is so much to say about this, but I’ll just get to the point.

The university is going to give what these students want.

…and I’m willing to bet, that what they think is going to be a ‘fix’ for the ‘Black Student Union’ is only going to open up a whole other can of worms.

Just wait, I called it.

Congrats Obama! Your race war is now officially in full swing.

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