CNN’s Blitzer Tries to Link Trump To Nazis, Instantly Gets Epic Beatdown From Fed-Up Guest

Liberals and their media have a favorite way to attack, and that’s through their endless screaming about racism and how Trump is the poster child for it.

Even though to those with a brain and sense enough to use it, it is too ridiculous of a thought to acknowledge, they take that uninterested tone to mean…that are right and that America is racist, because Americans voted for a President that is racist and accepts the ideals of groups such as the KKK and other white supremacist crap that should be terminated off the face of the earth.

No matter how many times Trump has made it clear they are not a group he supports and in fact he condemns, liberal media will not listen. EVEN when Trump’s past and present behavior and friendships prove otherwise.

I mean you cannot get any better proof that Trump is not racist other than the physical proof of his friendships he’s had his entire life. That include people from all races and backgrounds.

But libs and their media…choose to be blind to the truth, because it’s not the truth they want.

Here is a prime example. CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzer did exactly that. He saw the truth, knew the truth, still decided to report the lie. That’s when the person he was interviewing, Republican Nation Committee spokesman, Sean Spicer put the anchor in his place.

Did you get a load of all that stupidity coming from CNN? It’s like they are robots and only designed and wired to think one way, and speak one way, and thinking for themselves is not an option.

I don’t know how they manage to be so brainless, but it’s a horrible thing to watch. There is no engaging with that kind of stupidity, it will only drag you down to it’s level then beat you with experience.

However, Spicer sure did do a pretty good job. You think?

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