BLM Brat Shows Up To School Bullying White Teachers… However They Got The Last Laugh!

What happens when your parents don’t teach you to act like a human being? The result is that you could possibly end up like this Black Lives Matter brat who feels entitled to be above the rules and do whatever she wants.

That’s not how life and the real world work. We have rules. We have consequences.

Black Lives Matter is a degenerate hate group who lives on welfare and entitlements, runs neighborhoods into the ground, and thinks they can do whatever they want. How can you build your neighborhood up if you keep burning it down?

Black Lives Matter makes black people look bad. They make black people fall into a bad stereotype.

Not all black people are into the Black Lives Matter concept. The intelligent people who are too busy to waste time ruining their own neighborhood, or too smart to know when a criminal is shot that they probably deserved it.

Thank goodness for some people having brains.

The sad thing is that this girl either has bad parents or her parents don’t pay her any attention. If she was loved at home, then maybe she wouldn’t be crying for attention at school by wearing a stupid Black Lives Matter shirt. That’s like a white kid showing up in a KKK gown and pointy hat. Only difference is the costume.

This girl came ready for school pictures in her hate group t-shirt, but the principal wasn’t having it.

Nope. Take that lame hate group t-shirt off. Not needed at school. If Black Lives Matter ran around building churches and feeding the homeless, then I’d probably have ten of their shirts. But they’re a hate group, so the shirt must go.

And you can only imagine the typical tantrum she may have thrown, bullying the teachers and principals like she’s the head honcho of the planet, snapping her fingers and clapping really loud while screaming….the whole nine yards of entitled temper fits.

You can see where she posted the picture and rant on Facebook. The comment section is quite entertaining.

stupid girl

Madworld News – The fifteen-year-old showed up to Buckeye Union High School in Arizona on picture day, ready to make a statement and prepared for a tantrum if she was refused that “right.” When it came time for her turn to sit in the chair and smile for the camera, she was turned away for the glaring issue on her chest, which her principal was brutally honest about in her response.

Regardless of how important she said her shirt was, Havard was told she couldn’t make the statement in the photo that she was trying to make by wearing the black t-shirt with bold lettering that said “Black Lives Matter.” She insisted that she was going to wear it and that administrators couldn’t tell her otherwise, saying that they have to let her wear what she wants to be fair. Rather than backing down, the principal handed her a blank white t-shirt and told her to change into it and get back to class.

Wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt is not making a statement that’s worth fighting for. They are a hate group. You cannot support hate groups in school.

You should focus on yourself, your friends, and your family. Do something amazing with your life and leave the social justice warrior nonsense in the dust.

Social justice warriors are losers.

Be a winner and put that lousy shirt in the trash where it belongs.

Everyone matters.

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