Entitled BLM Brats Start Making Demands To University, President Hits Them Back With PERFECT Surprise Instead

The Black Lives Matter movement has jumped the shark. It is why you rarely hear about them in the news. But every once and a while they pull a ridiculous stunt that lands them in the frontlines of the news yet again. After a group of Black Lives Mater activists took things too far the President of the College of William and Mary in Virginia put them in their place.

Students from William and Mary brought their complaints about the College to the President on an Internet live stream event. But President Taylor Reveley III minced no words describing how he feels about these activists actions saying,

“I don’t deal in demands. I don’t make demands of other people. I don’t expect to receive demands from people. I love to get suggestions, recommendations, strong arguments. … When you approach other people with a demand, instead of their ears opening and their spirit being unusually receptive, you get defensive walls erected. So I think you all need to think about it.”

One female student patronizingly responded that suggestions aren’t taken as seriously as demands. Basically, she is trying to make excuses for their ridiculous behavior. But the President refused to back down to their bullying tactics and said the following,

No, no, no, that’s not the way the world works. It is not effective, in my opinion, to approach other people and say ‘we demand’ unless you have the capacity to demand.”

But the students hit back at him just as hard and responded,

We are students, and we pay tuition to be here. That is the reason why we are able to write these demands. So you have an issue with the way that we are phrasing this? … I think you’re missing the point … We’ve tried to be nice … It’s not working. So, if you don’t want to have issues on this campus that are affecting students of color, then you have to listen to students of color when they tell you this is what needs to happen …”

Student Erica N. West was outraged by the response of the President and childishly took to Facebook to criticize the President,

If you were wondering what “speaking truth to power” looks like, this it … This is what being censored looks like. This is what white supremacy looks like. This is what patriarchy looks like. This is what condescension looks like. This is what being told “you, your issues and your life don’t matter” looks like. THIS is why we say #BlackLivesMatter.”

West castigated the President for what she called oppressing students of color and not listening to them while trying to pretend to be some benevolent grandpa. All the while she and her Black Lives Matter friends are yelling and screaming demands at him. It seems she is accusing him of the very thing she and her friends are doing.

Here’s the entire video of the meeting.

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