BLM Demands Killing Cops: “Pull Your Pistol Out And F*cking Bust At Em!” (VIDEO)

Still think Black Lives Matter isn’t inciting violence?

That should’ve been clear after the recent massacre of police in Dallas, but the movement has a long history of inciting violence, especially against police. You don’t have to dig deep through Google results to find examples; whether they be chanting “Pigs in a blanket – fry em like bacon!” or “What do we want? Dead cops!”

Here’s just one of the latest instances. This particular case, whereas a BLM protestor instructed his comrades to “Pull your pistol out and ya f*cking bust at em!”

Watch below:

He’s not just one random guy in BLM with these sentiments. Just look at a sampling of the Twitter response following the Dallas massacre:




Real nice. And this was the movement Obama practically stumped for during his speech yesterday that was supposed to memorialize the five fallen officers in Dallas.

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