BLM Protestor Gets Immediate Justice After Smacking Police Horse (VIDEO)

Did your parents ever tell you that if someone hits you, to hit them back?

Well that’s true for animals too.

Here’s a video clip showing a horse go into full defense mode when a useless girl runs up to the animal and slaps it on the rear end.

Can you guess what happened to the girl? Let’s watch this a few times, because it’s absolutely hilarious what this horse did to the girl.

From YouTube – The first couple months of the fall semester set the perfect environment for ignorant post-secondary students who are living away from their parents for the first time to make bad life choices. And this weekend, some students at Queen’s University homecoming have given the internet a special, precious gift: A video of a young woman slapping a police horse’s ass and promptly getting kicked by the animal.
In the video, a blonde woman wearing a red-striped, dark-coloured polo runs up to two police horses holding human officers, slaps the horse, gets kicked and falls down face-first. Then, a pal runs up to the woman as she runs away holding her face.

Police won’t confirm yet if the young woman who got bodied in the video is one of the three people being charged in relation to multiple horse-slapping incidents at Queens’ homecoming in Kingston, Ontario. However, a female student at Queens is being charged—along with two men, who also apparently slapped a police horse. The criminal charges they’re facing are due to injuring a law enforcement animal, which is a new addition to the Criminal Code. Their identities have yet to be released. If found guilty, the maximum penalty they could face is five years in prison.

Wow! You can get five years in prison for slapping a horse AND a busted up face? That’s hilarious! I almost feel sad for the girl because she’s so stupid that she went up to the back side of the horse where the most powerful legs are. Maybe if she slapped the horse on the side where it can’t kick. When was the last time you saw a horse kick sideways?

It’s like walking up to the front of the cannon on a tank and whistling into it to see if it echoes. Yeah, it’s gonna echo right after it blows your head to the other side of the ocean.

Lesson to be learned?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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