BLM Thugs See A BMW, Jealous That They Cant Afford One They Begin Doing The Unthinkable! (VIDEO)


Protesters in El Cajon, California, surrounded a BMW and that’s when it was the drivers worst day ever.

Watch the video then stick around while we roast the social justice losers over a verbal fire and sip fine beverages like the most interesting man in the world.

Conservative Outfitters – CALIFORNIA – Protests continue in El Cajon just two days after an unarmed man was shot and killed by police. The latest video documenting unrest and violence in the small California city shows a mob confronting a BMW in the streets.

Look at all those losers in one place! My goodness, it’s like the Black Lives Matter convention and the topic of the day is “who’s jealous of the people with jobs who buy nice cars” and the guests are welfare queens and bums who sit home all day making illegitimate kids out of wedlock.

“Golly Beav, we’re historic!” That’s right, we sure are. Has there ever been a time in history where people who worked hard were crucified? Was there ever a time in history when the lazy bums and loser crybabies ever stopped to think “WTF ARE WE DOING THIS FOR” and realized that all their stupid protests went unheard and literally NO ONE CARES?

Let’s give that man in the video credit for pushing people away from lighting a BMW on fire and murdering people in the vehicle. You know damn right if that sensible man wasn’t right in the mind and saving people, that the idiots around him would’ve went full ISIS on this car.

And yes, the man who helped save the people in the car is black. He’s also well dressed. He’s probably a hero at this point. Without him, that car would’ve faced a much worse experience at this protest. Not every black person acts like a thug.

People who randomly attack innocent people in their car should be ran over on sight.

Here’s that feel good video from before. You know, the one where protesters get ran over!

Best video all week.

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