BLM Thugs Fire Rounds At LAPD, Officers Wounded, 1 Suspect Dead— DNC Inviting Suspects’ Parents?


Last night a gun battle took place between suspects and Los Angeles police officers in the patrolled area of Nickerson Gardens. The incident took place near East 11th Street and Antwerp Street at about approximately 11:00 pm.

KTLA5 reported,

“The mother of the suspect said her son was only running across the street when he was shot for no reason. “The police killed my son for nothing. He was running across the street and they killed my son,” Lisa Simpson said through tears.”

Reporters indicate two officers approached a small group in proximity to a housing project. One of the suspects fled and then proceeded to pull out a weapon and that’s when the gun battle ensued. One officer was shot in the arm during the fight, and one suspect was killed. Allegedly, preliminary information from officers show the suspect fired around 10 rounds at the minimum.

The Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck posted on social media and said,

“Arriving shortly at the hospital to check on our injured #LAPD Officer and will get briefed on what took place in @LAPDSoutheast.

After meeting with injured @LAPDSoutheast Officer, I’m in awe of courage displayed.Expected to make a full recovery and in good spirits.

Initial accounts in @LAPDSoutheast suggest that our brave #LAPD officers endured a fierce gun battle requiring unwavering courage.”

It’s clear that however the incident went down these law enforcement officials showed the utmost amount of courage and bravery in the face of adversity. In a time of such divisiveness it’s nice to know that despite all the threats and fears officers face they are still willing to go out every day and fight the good fight for us all. Their blue lives matter greatly to us.

The officers survived the terrible event. Expect the DNC to invite the parents of the thugs who tried to kill them to speak at their convention.