(RARE) If you want to avoid a $500 fine and a week long suspension for your football coach don’t run up the score.

Eight-year-old Elijah Burrell intercepted a pass late for Lawrenceville Black Knights when they were ahead 32-0. In the Knights’ league, the mercy rule goes into effect when there’s a 33 point gap in the score. Burrell returned that interception for a touchdown and that was enough to merit a punishment.

Parents are livid.

“He had no idea,” Elijah’s mother, Brooke Burdett, told WGCL. “This is his first year. This was his first touchdown. He is an 8-year-old boy making a pick-six.”

“For the league to think we intentionally went out there to run the score up is absurd,” Chando John, another mom said. “How do I explain to an 8-year-old kid that your coach has been suspended because your teammate unintentionally scored?”

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