BLOODY MAY: Chicago Sees 66 Dead, Nearly 400 Shot! More Than Afghanistan War Zone

Normally when the media refers to a place as a “war-zone” they’re being hyperbolic. In the case of Chicago, it would understate extent of the problem.

In the same month that Rahm Emmanuel launched his “Put Down the Guns Day” initiative, a record number of people were shot. The Los Angeles Times reports that:

The gray sedan was parked in the ambulance bay of the hospital, its doors open and bullet holes just above and below the driver’s side window.

Minutes earlier, 15-year-old Fabien Lavinder was in the car when someone stepped from an alley and shot him in the chest, police said.

The driver took the boy to the hospital, where he died shortly before 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Fabien was the 66th and final homicide last month, the deadliest May in Chicago since 1995, when 75 homicides were recorded, according to police records.

He was among nearly 400 people shot last month.

The month’s toll was fueled by a Memorial Day weekend in which six people were killed and 63 wounded, and a Mother’s Day weekend when more than 50 people were shot, eight fatally. That brought the total number of people shot in Chicago so far this year to more than 1,500.  At least 250 of them have died.

To put this in perspective, one month in Chicago has been deadlier than the past two years in Afghanistan, whereas we lost 27 troops in 2015, and 5 in 2016.

Aside from bombing, gun control appears to be the most effective way of destroying a city.

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