Blue Lives Police Ribbons Are ‘Offensive’ – This Town Orders Them Down!

A Massachusettes town decided to wrap blue ribbons around trees in order to express their support for law enforcement officers. Similar to the yellow ribbons put out for returning military troops. However, after numerous complaints they are being mandated to be removed.

Boston’s Fox 25 reported that the ribbons had been put on trees in the Royalston area on and around August 30th. They were placed their by the wives of Massachusetts State Troopers. The wives reiterated to reporters they wanted the officers to know and feel that the community is one big family.

Reportedly, the wives received the OK from a town official before the ribbons were placed on the trees and an event where they all came together. The event took place and was attended by families of law enforcement and law enforcement officers themselves. The initial plan was to take them down after one month.

However, two other residents complained to the town’s selection board which only would allow a two week permit that ended in September 9th. Because after all in liberal America everything is mandated and legislated. #biggovernment

Royalston Police Department posted a picture of the ribbons and a comment to Facebook,

The post read,

“Law enforcement families joined together to show support to all law enforcement families by placing blue ribbons around town. They hope that others will want to join by placing blue ribbons near their homes and businesses to show our men and women in blue that they are supported and appreciated.”

Those who are displeased with the ribbons are allegedly going to be holding a rally at the next board meeting set for September 20th. The sad part about it is this should not even be news. People clearly have too much time on their hands and not enough to do to complain about something so trivial that has no bearing on their life.

Who cares if they don’t have a permit? Why must people get a permit for everything? A government big enough to give you what you want is big enough to take it away. So why give them the power to legislate such minutia it is absolutely ridiculous.

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