Blunt Congressman Drops Bomb About Muslim Migrants, Then THIS Immediately Happened To Him On LIVE T.V.!

CNN just went full stupid on America and it could not have been more obvious.

The CNN host/anchor asks a congressman about President Trump’s executive orders that restrict travel from six countries consisting of a high population of Muslims.

Congressman brings the TRUTH! He dropped the truth bomb so hard that CNN cut the tape in the middle of a live sequence.


Is CNN afraid of the truth?

Watch this hilarious video where CNN gets TRUTH BOMBED and cuts the tape.

Watch out everyone, someone might tell the truth once in a while. OH MY GOODNESS! We can’t have that! The truth isn’t fake news and doesn’t fit our narrative. What should we do? Just hit that red button over there and we’ll act like we have technical difficulties. That’s what CNN does whenever someone makes a point that they hate hearing and don’t want the public to “stay woke” to.

CNN is the ultimate blue pill. Say and believe whatever you want to believe. The truth is in the red pill folks.

Congressman in the video, before he gets cut off, makes an astounding point about the Muslim refugees and their high percentage of hidden terrorists.

When we talk about Trump’s executive orders regarding travel, it doesn’t make any sense why people DON’T want safety. Sure, a few people may be delayed in their travel, but if they’re good people and they check out, then that’s worth it for the safety of ALL people in America.

If they don’t check out safely, then maybe authorities prevented a major crime from happening. That saves American lives including republicans, conservatives, liberals, democrats – literally everyone.

Let’s use schools as an example. If your kid is in school with 30 kids in a class, and ten of them are bullies, meaning there’s a 30% chance he/she gets beat up or raped every day – would you want your child in class with them? Would you switch classes?

Even better – would you want those bullies in your kid’s school? Don’t even try to say yes and think we will believe it. Every parent wants their kid in the most safest school they have access to.

Well we want our American citizens in the safest cities we have access to.

Sometimes that means denying potential terrorists from entry.

It’s all about safety.

Don’t you want a safe America where the major news stations tell the truth?

Here’s lookin’ at you, CNN.

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