Body-Camera Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of Psycho Who Tried To Stab A Cop

Isn’t anyone tired of the police shootings yet? How many times does someone have to get shot because they DON’T listen to police? Or how many times do people have to get shot because they come at police with a weapon? Haven’t people realized that these are the police and they have a right to tell you to GET DOWN or DROP THE WEAPON or STAND STILL and stop coming towards them?

This cop was responding to a shoplifting call and he shot the suspect because they came at him with scissors. And before anyone throws their panties in a bunch or burns an American Flag or yells F*ck the Police, you should know that if this suspect was able to stab him in the neck, then this cop probably wouldn’t be going home that day.

Watch the video.

I believe the cop did what he felt was needed to make sure HE goes home to his people. The nutcase approached the cops in a violent manner. The cop pushed them away and they had a chance to stay down. Then she gets up and comes after him with a weapon? Oh I don’t think so.

Anywhere I’ve ever been, if you go at police with a weapon, they’re going to shoot you.

AZ CENTRAL – The footage released Wednesday does not have audio initially. It shows Shipley leaving his patrol vehicle to encounter Tsingine, who is a suspect in a convenience-store shoplifting that had occurred minutes before. His hand movements indicate that he is giving her orders to stop and to turn around.

He attempts to grab her hands when she turns back to face him, and Shipley takes Tsingine to the ground. As she gets up,  a pair of silver scissors can be seen in her left hand.

The footage showed Tsingine approach Shipley armed with a pair of medical scissors. Although there is no sound, investigators accepted that she ignored warnings

Shipley pushes her away and, as she falls, she spills her belongings, including a pill bottle with her prescription for Aripiprazole, an anti-psychotic medication.

In the video, a second officer, identified by the DPS as Sgt. Ernest Cano, approaches Tsingine from behind, standing close to the woman as she gets up and walks toward Shipley with the scissors in her hand, facing down.

If you’re that crazy that you’re lunging at a cop with a weapon, then this is what usually happens.

Police have to go home. They’re not going to get stabbed if they don’t have to. That literally makes no sense.

It’s like being a bull rider and standing in front of the horns.

It’s like being a chemical scientist and eating acid.

It’s like photocopying your privates and handing them to everyone at work, knowing you’ll be fired or sued.

Would you do ANY of those?

No. And a cop won’t volunteer to get stabbed.

winslow shooting

You can tell by his gagging that he did not want to shoot anyone. The cops don’t want to use their gun. It comes with an awful feeling, tons of paperwork, etc. But sometimes they have to.

Shooting justified.

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