Bodycam Video Shows Criminal NOT Obeying A Cop’s Orders, Has Worst Day Of His LIFE – WATCH


Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Barack Obama will NOT be attending this guys funeral. You know… nowadays it may seem cool to get shot by a cop but ONLY if you’re black. Rush Springs Police Officer Daniel Smith responded to a domestic violence call late at night.

The video is actually very jarring because you see Officer Smith announcing “73 County be advised subject’s got a gun. Let me see your hands” while standing behind a car shining his flashlight into it. He keeps telling the guy to show his hands but in many encounters with the police where the suspect doesn’t follow directions, you know what might happen as that window of opportunity to surrender closes. It doesn’t matter if he’s black or white. When you refuse to follow the directions of a trained officer… bad —things—–WILL—-HAPPEN!

The suspect, Vandemark can be heard taunting the officer. But then he starts walking toward the officer with his arm hidden. That’s when the officer does what he must do, fired one shot and the suspect hit the ground. The medical examiner’s office reported that Vandemark died from one gunshot wound to the neck.

WARNING: Video is violent and graphic and is considered a ‘snuff video’…

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