BOLO: Army Vet Who Fought ISIS in Syria is Now Missing in the US (VIDEO)


(Controversial Times) An urgent search is currently underway for an Army veteran who suffers from PTSD.

Bruce Windorski has been missing for over a week after telling his wife he was going on a veterans retreat. There apparently was no retreat.

Windorski’s cell phone was last used in Ozark County, Missouri.

Windorski is one of several US veterans who traveled to Syria to fight against ISIS on his own.

He was last driving a gray 2003 Dodge Durango truck with Menominee Nation plate A9658.

Windorski has a wife of five years and a four year old daughter. His family is asking for any help in locating him.

Windorski and another veteran documented their fight against ISIS alongside Kurdish forces in the below video. The footage received coverage by the New York Time and other media outlets.


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