Bomb Threat Called Into Ahmed Mohamed’s High School (VIDEO)


From Truth Revolt: A bomb threat was called into MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, Wednesday morning, the same school where Ahmed Mohamed brought his clock/bomb device earlier this month.

KDFW reports that someone called the school at 9:45 and said a bomb located somewhere on campus would explode in 30 minutes. Officials took the threat seriously and evacuated the students to a safe distance. After police searched for about an hour and found nothing suspicious, students returned to class.

There were some parents, though, who opted to pick up their children in an abundance of caution after receiving text alerts of the evacuation.

The community is obviously on edge as this is now twice a bomb-related incident has happened at this school in less than two weeks. Mohamed’s now infamous “clock” being the first and with it, accusations of Islamaphobia against teachers and students. There is no indication that Mohamed or his family were at all involved in this bomb threat and police are currently investigating where the call originated and who is responsible.

Breitbart News covered this story and is already racking up a few hundred comments. Readers are obviously finding the whole situation a bit more humorous as evidenced below:

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