BOMBSHELL: Doctor Thinks Hillary Has Brain Tumor, Calls For Independent Medical Evaluation Done By Neutral Party

Alex Jones of Info Wars spoke with Steve Pieczenik who has a MD, PhD, is an American psychiatrist, and a former US Department of State official. He spoke to him about Hillary Clinton’s current state of health. Specifically, the most recent yet blatant cover-up to hide the fact that she is sick. Videos and pictures have been leaked lately showing her needing help up stairs and being physically assisted by staff, forgetting lines halfway through a speech, and having a body handler carry a seizure pen.

The doctor talks about the potential outcome that she is severely mentally ill and undergoing a major health crisis that would greatly inhibit her ability to be the a President. Obviously this is something of  great importance in this election cycle.

In the video a Fox News medicos correspondent indicates a traumatic brain injury is in all likelihood a possibility especially considering her previous blood clots. He connects that with a seizure problem. Which has been insinuated before with the pictures of her body handler with a seizure pen. The correspondent insists we need to see Clinton’s medical records.

The doctor himself also says a doctor not affiliated with democrats or republicans who are bipartisan need to give her a proper evaluation. All in order to evaluate her mental and physical status. He notes that at this point she is unfit to be the democratic presidential nominee. He recommends that she likely has some type of brain tumor such as a glioblastoma or early onset Alzheimer’s.

He takes it one step further and argues her neurological disorder could likley have played a part in her aggression and willingness to make flip decisions such as the disaster that happened in Benghazi and the Iraq War.

This is just another reason why Hillary Clinton is ill prepared for the presidency.

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