BOMBSHELL: FBI Deputy Director’s Wife Paid $675k From Clinton Associate…CROOKED HILLARY!

Mr. Chaffetz is getting into it big time. He went there. He’s asking why someone who received up to $675k in possibly shady donations or payments is still investigating Hillary Clinton’s email nonsense.


Here’s the jist of it:

Washington Post – House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who told The Washington Post this week that Hillary Clinton would face “years” of potential probes if she won the presidency, has asked FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to provide documents about his wife’s 2015 campaign for Senate — a campaign that received financial support from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), a close Clinton ally. Chaffetz also tweeted Friday that the FBI would examine new emails related to the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server.

“There are outstanding questions . . . regarding a possible conflict of interest into this case,” Chaffetz said in the letter. To investigate the questions, Chaffetz requested documents related to “when you first became aware the State Department was pressuring the FBI to reverse its decision regarding the classification of one of Secretary Clinton’s emails,” and “when you first became aware the FBI had opened an investigation into Secretary Clinton’s email server,” with a deadline of Nov. 10, two days after the general election.

Is this all a magic show? Are the people who received money heading the investigation into Hillary’s emails so that they don’t seem like they’re associated with it? Are they spearheading investigations so they can act like they’re going to get her, but really, they’re not?

Think about it. If I was under investigation, and I paid you tons of cash, and we were buddies – then who better to investigate me than you? Obviously you won’t find anything in your so-called investigation. But hey, at least you looked and now the people drones of society think you’re legit. Next, we all sip drinks on a beach and you’re buying. I paid you off anyway, right?

Or if I really ticked you off, then you would find something and now I’m screwed. But that comes with a retaliation so expect a knock-knock from a few of those refugee migrants. Might just send a few over to see how you’re doing.

Is this all a smoke and mirrors show that’s protecting Hillary, keeping the people who received the money with a high bankroll, and trying to play us all for fools?

Or did Hillary get on someone’s nerves and now the investigative probes continue?

I’m pretty sure we’re not ever going to find out, or if we do, it’s not for many years and it’s documented on some odd history channel show 50 years from now when people aren’t thinking about these folks anymore.

If there’s anyone who will dive into the sea of thousands of emails and millions of dollars being deleted and exchanged, then it’s guys like Chaffetz and Gowdy.

These guys simply don’t care. They’ll ask any question, anywhere, and put people on the spot till their underwear get sweaty.

Trey Gowdy adds 100 new questions to his arsenal every time he changes his hairstyle. You better be prepared when you walk into a room with him.

Chaffetz drills people well too. He’s been known to make a few folks uncomfortable.

Let’s see what happens in the next five days leading up to the Presidential election of 2016.

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