BOMBSHELL: Hillary Involved In Secret FATAL Plane Crash, Navy SEAL DEAD…

Hillary Clinton’s lies never cease because she does not understand the difference between a lie and the truth. Wikileaks released some fascinating new information about Hillary Clinton that was unknown before. New emails expose a major bombshell.

Apparently Clinton was travelling in a C-12 Huron aircraft with the members of Seal Team 4 that was forced into an emergency landing at Ahwaz International Airport on the border of Iraq and Iran. It was a crash landing that was not planned and very unexpected. The aircraft unfortunately skidded off the runway and left Hillary, “unconscious and bleeding profusely.”

The report also shows that she was on a secret mission with the special operative team. Sadly, one of the team members died during the crash landing despite the fact that the government had said Commander Job W. Price died due to a suicide. Price was the commander of the special ops unit. Their specific job task was defending and protecting high profile diplomats that were traveling into Asian and Middle Eastern war combat zones.



American flight logs that were written down by Russian air officials confirm the events surrounding Price’s death. They also confirm that Clinton and the Seal Team left a Russian air base in the Urozgan Province of Afghanistan.

Moments after leaving Bahrainian airspace, the aircraft deviated from the flight path they had indicated on their logs for unspecified purposes. They headed straight to Iran’s Ahwaz International Airport.

Clearly something shady happened. Whether it be showing that Hillary’s Heath may not be as strong as she would like others to think. Or the nefarious way she conducted her business and the reasoning behind why the aircraft deviated from a noted flight course. The most tragic part is that a SEAL died as a result of this plane crash. Let’s not forget the most important part.

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