(Conservative Tribune) A hidden-camera video released today may spell more trouble for Democrats trying to keep control of the Senate.

The video shows Bailey Bibb, a gay rights activist and leader of the Stonewall Caucus of the Young Democrats of Arkansas, telling an undercover reporter from Project Veritas Action that Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor has privately told her and others that he secretly supports gay marriage.

This is despite the fact that Pryor told reporters as recently as May 31 that he supports traditional marriage, according to the Daily Mail.

“I support traditional marriage, and I’ve been pretty clear on that for a long time,” he told KHBS at that time.

Pryor is locked in a tough re-election battle against U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton. Cotton has led in several recent polls, and this revelation could be the final nail in the coffin for Pryor’s campaign — and perhaps for Democrat hopes of holding onto a Senate majority.

Democrats were already in trouble in the 2014 midterm elections, and this video seems likely to move the Arkansas Senate race even further into the red. If Bibb is telling the truth, then Pryor has lied to his constituents, and that’s not going to sit well with more centrist Democrats in the state.

If Bibb is lying, then Pryor will have to reiterate his support for traditional marriage publicly and repeatedly — and that’s not likely to please the left.

Either way, it looks like Pryor’s Senate campaign is headed south.

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