A 12 year old boy was tragically shot and killed by a police officer responding to numerous calls about someone pointing a gun at people.

Just as we saw in Ferguson, the community where this boy lived started creating false allegations about what really happened. Thankfully for this cop there was a surveillance camera that caught everything leading up to the incident.

The incident played out on video exactly as the police officer described it to investigators, and you can see the boy reaching in his waistband when he was shot.

Notice that the gun is not on the picnic table and in facts it was in his hands, and he was pointing it at multiple people.

This is a community issue where parents are raising thugs, and these children are iodizing criminal behaviors that is portrayed by hip hop artist that they’ve grown up on.

It’s a broken system of the blind leading the blind and not educating children on what’s right and wrong and over the past two generations it has created a warped perception for the black community living in the inner city.

This problem is only further fueled when politicians and even a president pour gas on race issues that are completely irrelevant to the black struggle in the 21st century. The real issue is there is no accountability, a strict code of silence among them, and black on black crime is completely ignored.

Fore real change to happen, these people need to put race aside and look in the mirror at how they have become dependent on a system that is destroying them, while blaming their struggle on whitey.

We have an African American President, there is nothing holding anyone back. Man up and take control of your life, that’s it.

Thugs rot in jail what so glamorous about that? stop raising children to be thugs.



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