BOMBSHELL: What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump

The media has gone crazy over the feud between Donald Trumo and the parents of a fallen Muslim soldier who spoke out against Donald Trump at the Democratic Convention. But there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

The father who gave the speech was Khizr Muazzam Khan. Allegedly, he is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood trying to work to bring Muslims into the United States. He graduated from Punjab University Law College, reported the New York Times. He specifically specialized in International Trade Law in the country of Saudi Arabia. He is an interest lawyer for oil companies with Islamic ties.

In the past, he wrote a paper that is called, “In Defense of OPEC.” It defended the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which is an intergovernmental oil company that is largely made up of Islamic countries.

Khan is an alleged believer of Sharia Law and wants to implement it in the U.S. He was co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law. His past shows a fascination with Sharia and clearly cones from his time in Saudi Arabia. In the 1980’s, Khan wrote a paper called, “Juristic Classification of Islamic [Sharia] Law.” Which expressed his traditional Islamic beliefs and reverence for Allah.

Some snapshots of the readings can be seen here:

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Khan’s source and motivation of his work is none other than Said Ramadan who was a Muslim Brotherhood agent. He promoted Islamic revivalism and published numerous books and works. He also attempted to convert people to radical Jihadism in Malaysia.

The sacrifice the Khan family gave our great country should not be ignored or belittled. Their opinion matters and they should be heard. However, everyone has been so quick to denounce Trump after what went down without looking into the facts of everything. The facts are quite surprising.

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