BOMBSHELL: WikiLeaks PROMISES That Upcoming Release Will Provide “Enough Evidence” To Indict Hillary!

No matter how much evidence and proof we have on Hillary…she will never be indicted. We don’t have people with balls to do anything about it. And while Obama is still in office.. it will never happen. The Clinton’s have got away with things for years. Why expect anything to happen to Hillary now? It Won’t.

It will have to be the American people. But I doubt that will ever happen either. People don’t seem to care what goes on. These criminals get away with everything and no one does a thing to stop it. That’s what is really infuriating.

From Eagle Rising

“There’s very strong material, both in the e-mails and in relation to the Clinton Foundation” – Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder and current fugitive from justice, Julian Assange, recently appeared on a British TV show to discuss the upcoming release of a new series of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Assange explained that, in reality, the FBI, the Justice Department, and the Obama administration already have more than enough evidence to prove that Hillary Clinton has broken the law; however, he doesn’t expect her to ever be charged with a crime. Assange also explained that some of the new emails that Wikileaks would soon be releasing would only add to the pile of evidence against Clinton. Read More

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