BOOM: Army of Thousands of Police Turn Backs on NYC Mayor AGAIN [PICS]


The mainstream media was beside itself yesterday when they reported that New York Police Department officers saluted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio when he arrived at the wake for fallen officer Wenjian Liu.

But they missed an important fact — the mayor never left the side of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, the officers’ commander, for whom the salutes were actually presented.

Today, at the funeral for Liu, thousands of officers once again demonstrated their true feelings by turning their backs on de Blasio as he delivered his eulogy.

“He walked a path of courage, a path of sacrifice and a path of kindness,” de Blasio said to the backs of countless officers. “This is who he was, and he was taken from us much too soon.”

The officers turned their backs despite a plea from the commissioner because of their belief that their socialist mayor turned his back on them long ago, even prior to his election.

A number of attendees posted pictures of the event on Twitter (H/T BizPac Review):

Liu funeral

Liu funeral

Liu funeral

Liu funeral

Those who, in the liberal mainstream media and elsewhere, would denounce these officers for politicizing the funeral of their comrade are completely missing the point.

Officer Liu died because Mayor de Blasio has for some time been politicizing the actions of the NYPD in order to further his own career and his socialist agenda in New York City.

These officers are honoring their fallen brother by de-politicizing the funeral in what is really the only avenue available to them — turning their backs on the one politician speaking during the service in his own self-interest

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