BOOM: Black Fox News Contributor Destroys the Race Baiters’ Myths in Just 60 Seconds [VIDEO]


Fox News contributor Jason Riley recently delivered an outstanding presentation on “Fox News Sunday” regarding the real reasons why tension between the black community and law enforcement is at an all-time high.

He’s part of a small but growing number of black men with a public platform who are doing their very best to counter and destroy the violence-inducing, race-baiting tactics of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama.

The only way it’s possible is to keep presenting facts. The hard data isn’t pretty – but it’s the “messy” facts that need to be brought into any type of national conversation about race that members of the media have been calling for.

Riley, a black man, recently took to the airwaves to present facts about black crime in America that counter the false racial narrative that’s been primarily stoked by Sharpton.

“Tensions between the black community and the police department stem from black criminality in this country,” he said. “High black crime rates. Blacks are about 13% of the population, but commit more than half of all murders in this country.”

Reasonable people who study the facts already knew that number to be true, but it’s ignored by most of mainstream media, who only want to focus on a handful of black deaths that were caused by police officers who happened to be white. It skews the narrative in the favor of Sharpton and his cronies, and it’s purely for political gain.

“Blacks are arrested at two to three times their number in the population for all manner of violent crime, all manner of property crime and until that ends, you’re going to have tensions between the police and the black community. You are going to have young black men viewed suspiciously,” Riley told the panel on Fox News Sunday.

Black leaders like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke have presented these statistics on national television as well. It has turned into a war of television propaganda – a war that Sharpton continues to win as long as mainstream media keeps perpetuating this false notion that white cops suit up every day with intent to seriously injure or kill black people.

“If we want to address perception, negative perceptions of young black men, we have to address the behavior that is driving those perceptions and that is not a conversation President Obama, Eric Holder, or Al Sharpton or all the rest want to have, because they have a vested interest in pushing a false narrative,” Riley said. “Which is that racism is an all-purpose explanation of what drives what’s wrong in black America.”

He hit the proverbial nail on the head with his last sentence.

We applaud Riley for his smart, simple layout of the main problem and solutions for said problem. It’s not complicated to understand that sheer numbers are driving a noticeable wedge between the black community and America’s police officers – not one-off, justified police shootings of violent black criminals.

We have a feeling that we’ll being seeing much more of this problem-solver in the near future.

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