BOOM! Black pastor SCHOOLS MSNBC host who tries to bait him on Trump “racism” (VIDEO)

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski recently did a segment on her show where she tried to press a pro-Trump African American pastor to give his opinion on whether or not a comment made by Trump about the Mexican U.S. district judge was racist or not.

The pastor wasn’t giving Brzezinski the answer she wanted and Brzezinski was talking over him and not letting him finished and the pastor had enough and let Brzezinski know it. He then schooled her on what he thinks racism is and his personal experience with it is.

The Blaze reported,

“When he made the comments he made about the judge saying he was a Mexican, was that racist or not?” Brzezinski asked. When Burns attempted to answer, Brzezinski interrupted: ”I just want to know if that is racist or not. And then I can move on with the conversation, but I need to know where you stand on things in terms of reality. So, were those comments racist or not?”

Burns began to respond, “Well, I think it’s important to understand. I think if I was in Mr. Trump’s shoes, and I had a very controversial policy that offended … potentially millions of Hispanic people — ” “Were the comments racist or not? I just want to know,” Brzezinski interrupted again.

“Let me finish my statement, OK?” Burns replied.

“I’m asking for the answer to the question and not a statement,” Brzezinski shot back. “Can I have an answer to the question?”

“Let me give you my answer the way I would give it to you, so that we can move forward, ’cause we’re telling the story,” Burns replied.

“But it’s yes or no,” the host insisted.

“I’m a black man from the deep south, OK? In South Carolina just two months ago, they re-raised the confederate flag in my state to celebrate its one-year removal. So for you to sit here and ask me like I don’t know what real racism is —”

Watch here,

It’s clear what Brzezinski was really upset about was she couldn’t control what came out of the pastors mouth and she couldn’t control what he said. She thought since he was black and Trump supporter she could get the reaction and answer she so desperately wanted.

Like a typical liberal she threw a public, unprofessional tantrum when she couldn’t get what she wanted.


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