BOOM: Black Preacher to Obama, ‘Close Your Mouth, Not Guantanamo, and Defend America Instead of Islam’


Yowza! Watch Bishop E.W. Jackson’s response to Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast speech. He really lets him have it. Share if you agree with this preacher. Enjoy.

HASSELBECK: “Our next guest is appalled by this analogy. Bishop E.W. Jackson from [indecipherable] and the founder of S.T.A.N.D. joins us now. Bishop, thanks for joining Fox and Friends here.”

JACKSON: “Thanks for having me, Elisabeth.”

HASSELBECK: “What place do Christianity and Christ have in that equation yesterday at the National Prayer breakfast?”

JACKSON: “Elisabeth, I have a message for the president, with all due respect to him and to the office. Mr. President, if you don’t want to give terrorists a recruitment tool, instead of closing Guantanamo Bay, frankly, sir, you want to close your mouth because you just gave them a gigantic propaganda tool. They called us crusaders and you just confirmed it. Mr. President, we’re not on a high horse. What we are is on high alert. The American people would like for once to know that you’re willing to defend Christianity and defend America instead of defending Islam.”

HASSELBECK: “Bishop, you served in the Marine Corps for three years. You’re a veteran. When you talk about propaganda, the only thing propaganda does now is help recruit for ISIS and strenghten the enemy. For our veterans right now and our military personnel, how much more danger do those words put our service members in?”

JACKSON: “I think he’s given them a gigantic recruitment tool. He’s told them — once again he’s apologized for America. He’s conjured up the image of crusaders and he basically justified exactly what Osama bin Laden was saying that we are encroaching on them. I would remind the president that the crusades began in 1096 as a response to Islamic aggression and the fact that they conquered the holy land and they were oppressing eastern Christians, and there was a response to that. If the president is going to cite that as an example, then he ought to get his history complete.”

HASSELBECK: “Bishop, you just did something the president won’t do. You used the word Islamic. Let me ask you this. Not only did the president not protect Christians and in fact really go after them and attacking them by invoking the name of Christ yesterday some would say, but he continued on the path of not calling the enemy what it is, not saying radical Islam. Don’t you believe that if not saying that he’s actually protecting radical Islam by not calling it out?”

JACKSON: “I don’t know how to explain this, but this president does everything he possibly can to defend Islam and does almost nothing to defend the honor of this country. And, yes, once again he’s giving them exactly what they want. And you know, Elisabeth, they’re laughing at us because all they see it as is a sign of weakness. And America needs to operate from the strength.”

HASSELBECK: “I want to ask you now for a strong message for Christians who feel as they came under attack yesterday by the president of the United States. What is your word for them today?”

JACKSON: “Pray for our president. I think he’s deeply misguided and confused. Pray for our country. We need leaders who will defend the integrity of our nation and continue to stand up for what you know is right.”

HASSELBECK: “Strong words. Bishop Jackson, thank you for being with us today and your time.”

—Courtesy of Clash Daily

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