BOOM: Chicago Blacks UNLEASH on Obama’s SOTU in Viral Video


Although President Barack Obama was elected twice with an overwhelming majority of the black vote, many black Americans are finally beginning to speak up and question Obama over what he has, and hasn’t, done to help them.

When it comes to issues like jobs and the economy, and especially his amnesty for illegal immigrants, some blacks are demanding that Obama focus on them instead of foreigners and are calling him the “worst President ever elected.”

Last year, a group of black activists in Obama’s hometown of Chicago got together and put out their own rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union address.  This year, they have done it yet again, and they are holding nothing back. (H/T Rebel Pundit)

The Chicago activists gathered together in Wallace’s Catfish Corner, a restaurant on the West Side of Chicago frequented by Obama in the past.  But that is about all that these activists feel they have in common with Obama now.

“In my world, on the South Side of Chicago, on the West Side of Chicago, everything you spoke of in your speech, it doesn’t affect us.  The stock market is at a record high, at 17,000.  I can’t invest in the Dow Jones.”

“The country is more racially divided, you haven’t corrected that.”

“Never once since you’ve been president have you talked about the working poor.  We don’t even exist in your administration.  What kind of person are you?”

“Everybody needs to be on your case, about that you got on national TV talking about a middle class economy works.  For who?  Who it work for?  Why, it’s not even working for the middle class people.  They losing they houses.  What middle class economy you talking about?”

“We’re not middle class here.  We’re poor and very poor.  We don’t even meet the median area income towards middle class, so everything you say does not include us.”

“Mr. President, I don’t feel that you are relating to us, as poor people in our communities.  I think that you are just bribing us to stay in office, or however you doing what your doing.  You’re doing a good job at it, but now it’s time to stop.”

“Give me some straws, something to grasp at…you are giving me nothing.  Your swag is not doing anything for me right now.”

“The last mid-terms show, point blank, that a lot of people ain’t listening to what your talking about, cause they voted in the opposite direction.  That means that you should’ve been listening to what the people were saying.”

“We hope that Congress defunds Obamacare.  We pray that Congress do away with your amnesty executive order, giving and providing illegal aliens and immigrants work permits to make sure that black men don’t get jobs in their own community.”

“Was it all about using us?  Was it all about getting all the people behind you so you could get in the White House?”

Simply put, this is awesome.  It is so refreshing to here former supporters of Obama finally coming around to the realization that he is a horrible president who doesn’t care about the little people.

Of course, some of us here have been saying these same things for years now, but we are certainly glad to see more people coming around to our point of view.  Reality has a way of opening even the blindest of eyes.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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