BOOM!! Chuck Schumer’s Best Friend is Going To Jail For A Long Time

Next to Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren Senator Chuck Schumer is one of the most hated Democrats in office by Republicans. He never fails to be a pompous, arrogant, piece of garbage. His hypocritical double standards have been exposed for the umpteenth time when his friend New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez was sentenced to jail time.

Menendez was convicted of corruption charges. The Supreme Court Justices just denied his request to throw out the charges of bribery and corruption that were brought against him. That was his last chance and now his case is headed to court for trial in the fall.

His office has refused to comment on the controversy. Likely because their is no excuse for his actions and their is no spin they can put on this. His appeal was filed by his attorneys back in December. Even their argument that the Justice Department violated his constitutional privilege under the Speech or Debate Clause didn’t work.


The clause allows lawmakers to be shielded from any and all legal action for so called legitimate legislative activities. But the Third Circuit Court of Appeals shot the jail bird down.

Back in April of 2015 he was indicted on fourteen felony counts. This has been a few years in the coming. The Senator is charged with trading favors in exchange for gifts as well as political contributions from Dr. Salomon Melgen.

It was over some very serious issues as well. Menendez allegedely intervened for Melgen to help fix a multi million dollar dispute over Medicare charges. In another case he maintained a $500 million port-security contract with the Dominican Republic. His accomplice was indicted too.

The Senator had private meetings in Senator Harry Reid’s office with the then-Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as well as Marilyn Tavenner who was the acting head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

As they say, who you hang out with is who you are and Schumer doesn’t keep very good company. When you hang around garbage that’s what you become and such is the case with Senator Schumer. It would not be surprising if Schumer was indicted next.

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