BOOM: Criminals Learns EXACTLY Why You Don’t Mess With a 65-Year Old Texan (VIDEO)


Don’t mess with Texas — or more accurately, armed Texans. A man named Michael Caldwell just learned that the hard way, after he faced an armed citizen in the city of Tyler.

Caldwell was reportedly on an aggressive streak, and had already been kicked out of an IHOP restaurant for disturbing customers. He didn’t stop there, but continued to act strangely. Police say that several drivers called 911 to report that he and a woman were walking in traffic, and even chasing after vehicles.

Michael Caldwell entered a Walgreens parking lot next, and targeted his aggression toward a 65-year-old named Fredy Neal. That senior citizen probably looked like easy prey to Caldwell… but the rampaging man was in for a surprise.

Neal was trying to rent a DVD from a kiosk at the location when he was assaulted by Caldwell. The older man tried to tell the aggressive person to leave, but the assault continued. That’s when the 65-year-old Texan drew his concealed handgun.

Facing assault from the other man, Neal fired one shot. That round reportedly struck the aggressor in his chest, and killed him.

According to Western Journalism, witnesses backed up the armed citizen’s story. It is likely that his actions fall under Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” law as legitimate self defense.

“He felt that he was in fear for his life,” stated a spokesman from the Tyler Police Department., Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

The older man’s attorney, Bobby Mims, explained that use of force is legal if you “have a right to be there wherever you are; you have to be lawfully carrying your firearm; and you have to be in fear of your life,protection of others, or property.

It appears that all of those criteria were met by Fredy Neal. No charges have been filed against the citizen.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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