BOOM: Greta Van Susteren’s Apology to the World About Obama Is Going Viral


President Obama’s refusal to attend the march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attacks is the insult to the world that won’t go away.

And while it’s not the first time that the president has insulted other world leaders (remember the time that he gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown DVDs that wouldn’t work in England as an official state gift?), it’s clearly the worst.

Fox News contributor Greta Van Susteren tried to apologize for the president in a note to France that’s going viral. When you see what she said, you’ll understand why.

“This is a personal note from me but I suspect it represents the sentiments of many Americans,” Van Susteren began.

“I am sorry that our President didn’t go to France today and stand with your President and other world leaders against terrorism. It was an important statement to send to France, to the world and to terrorists and frankly he blew it.

“It was a big missed opportunity for my President and thus for all Americans. He should have gone. It was a mistake that he did not. Sometimes mistakes like that are made.” (H/T HeadlinePolitics.)

Van Susteren also made sure that she let France know where they stand with America.

“I also want everyone in France to know – and this is very important – that we have not forgotten that it was the French President who was the first national leader to show up at the White House after 9/11,” she wrote.

“You don’t forget things like that. (Nor have we forgotten LaFayette who fought for us in the Revolutionary War but that’s a bit farther back!)”

“I love your nation and have spent a lot of time there over the years – from college onward. Your citizens have been friendly to Americans and to me (although many have looked askance at me when I speak my very fractured French. You could be a tad bit nicer about my French.)”

And finally, she put things into perspective.

“So….I apologize for my President’s absence. Tonight I am mad at him but I will get over it and I hope you do, too,” she wrote.

“We have a bigger fight to fight than bad manners. We need to fight terrorism.”

Van Susteren’s letter seems to have struck a chord with both Americans and the French alike, as it’s been passed around the internet with great rapidity.

Hopefully, the French will realize that most Americans feel the way Van Susteren does and are just as furious at our president for his absence as France is.

And hopefully, they’ll realize what we do: that we’ll all be a lot better off when he leaves two years from now.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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