BOOM!!! Herman Cain Issues Massive Announcement About Trump

From CT

In a Wednesday appearance on Fox News, former GOP presidential candidate and Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain said he would support Donald Trump were he to win the GOP nomination.

In the interview on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Cain also said that those in the party establishment vowing to torpedo Trump’s campaign were he to be nominated were “insane and irresponsible.”

“I think they ought to stand back and get over it,” Cain said of the party establishment threatening to go nuclear on Trump. “Support whoever the nominee is, is what the mantra ought to be for the Republicans.”

Cain saved his greatest scorn for Mitt Romney, whose negative statements about Trump’s tax returns have caused controversy and division even among party members. Cain called Romney’s statement a “grenade” and said all he did was provide fodder for liberals.

“It would give all of the na-na-na-na-na naysayers out there more stuff to go after, to continue to throw stuff into the wind,” Cain said.

As for the establishment’s take on Trump, Cain noted that a lot of GOP insiders thought that Trump would “flame out.”

“Well, he didn’t,” Cain said. “Now they are panicking. So now they are saying, some of them … they won’t even support him if he’s the nominee. That will be the death of the Republican Party.”

Cain’s 2012 run arguably set the blueprint for Trump’s current campaign. The former CEO ran on his business acumen and his position as an outsider, garnering major support within the conservative movement.

While not an endorsement, Herman Cain’s support is another crucial step towards winning over the GOP. It was an interview that definitely had Trump grinning.

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